Welcome to our Website.  We invite you to see our Offer

GMG Company was set up in 1990. The main office is located in Białe Błota – 2 km from outskirts of the city Bydgoszcz. 

We do the:

- production of the sportswear

- production of the sports equipment

- production of foam teaching aids

 A wide range of our products is the result 33 years of experience in the branch of production.  At first it used to be a sportswear but our actions were quickly adapted for current market needs and extended for the production of the sports equipment.  The constant growth of expectations of our Customers also contributed to the development of the production department of foam teaching aids.  Constant widening of the scope of the assortment is an effect of the rapid development of our company.  Our products are sold both at home and abroad.  As the producer we guarantee our Customers the first-class products in attractive prices and orders on accessible conditions.



The offer of the GMG company includes:

- sportswear

- the sports equipment

The wide range of our production is the result of 31 years of experience and constant search for new solutions and projects. We care about their attraction as well as we try to meet  growing expectations and market needs.  We have modern machines and our products are subjected to the quality and endurance control.  For the production we apply raw materials of the best Polish producers.  We have rich experience in the scope of our, continually expanding offer, and needs of our Customers.

The sportswear embraces almost all sports disciplines from most popular as football, the martial arts  and sailing.  A wide range of the production of the sportswear is most of all gears for team sports disciplines:

- football sets

- volleyball sets

- basketball sets

- goalkeepers’ sets


- referees and umpires uniforms

- track-and-field gear

- boxing gear

- clothes for cheerleaders

and casual tracksuits from fabrics and knitwear adapted for different individual needs (e.g. representational or training and functional).  You will also find sportswear for martial arts (karate and judo) and of the different type and destiny:

- T-shirts

- shorts

- trousers

- jackets

- sweatshirts

we can also supplement every product for imprints according to individual needs and orders.  We make imprints:

- numbers

- inscriptions

- logo

- signs

 we use heat transfer and sublimation method.


The Sports and Tourist Equipment constitutes the equally wide assortment in our offer as well as it supplements the department of Sportswear:

- gymnastic mattresses of the different thickness

- mats for martial arts

- nursery school small mattresses of the different size and thicknesses

- small mattresses with applications and sounds in the wide range of designs (visit the Foam Teaching Aids)

 – training shields for martial arts

- safety pads

- sacks and boxing pears

- covers for boats OPTIMIST / Laser

- covers for the mast Optimist

- covers for the helm and the keel Optimist

- covers for the mast with the sail Optimist

- sailing ballast belts Optimist

- sailing ballast shorts Optimist

- sailing waterproof transport sacks

- sports and specialist bags and rucksacks

- waterproof rucksack pads

- bicycle panniers

- sleeping bags

- survival equipment (tarps, hammocks)

- rehabilitation balls


and small accessories of the sports fan:


- hats and caps

- flags

- pennants

- key rings and buttons

We invite you to see the full range of our products (supplemented with camping and rehabilitation gear) and to the Foam Teaching Aids Department. There you’ll find supplement for the Department of Sports Equipment like e.g.:

- small accessories for the play: sacks for jumping, sashes, bags with the filling

- walking snakes

- wide range of foam sets, leisure and rocking toys

- large-format board games – Mega games


We wish you success and good luck in the realization of all aims and nice work and good fun with our products.




We are introducing Foam Teaching Aids Department devoted to the equipment of playground corners for children.


The GMG company is dealing with the production of foam teaching aids. For their production we use eco-friendly, certified and fulfilling all safety standards materials (phthalates’ free).  We our products are subjects to the quality and endurance control.

We offer you Foam Teaching Aids:

- sets of fittings

- obstacle courses

- mats, gymnastic mattresses and folded up mattresses

- poufs

- rockers and rocking toys

- recreational sets

- dry swimming pools

A wide range of our products is the result 31 of years of experience and inspiration and the continuous prospecting for new patterns and solutions.  Incessantly we are extending our offer.

We also recommend large-format board games – Mega Games

- hopscotch

- word games

- twisters

- darts targets

… and also a lot of accessories supplementing group and individual playground corners for kids:

- animation shawls – “parachutes”

- sensory mats

- walking  snakes

- bags with the filling

- sashes

- sacks for jumping

- wall pockets

 … and many more...

We take care that our products are safe, soft and simple in the maintenance.  We make them more appealing with cheerful applications and sounds (e.g. sounds of animals).

They evidently develop the creative thinking and the ability to play  in team.

We target in particular to teaching centers, nursery schools, kindergartens, schools as well as for individual recipients.

We invite you to see the full range of our production.

We wish you success and good luck in the realization of all aims and nice work and good fun with our products.


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